Near-Infrared Light Palm Reader

* AMT-PVR-10 palm reader enclosure embeds the AMT-PVM-10 module, a single-lens Near-Infrared (NIR) light camera module. The reader is used to collect grayscale palm images formed by palm prints and subcutaneous palm vein patterns for biometric recognition.

* Compared with face recognition technologies, palm-based biometric recognition has less privacy concern, can be more easily accepted by users. It provides an ideal alternative biometric solution where face recognition is heavily concerned.

* AMT-PVR-10 takes enhanced auto exposure approach with built-in Infrared LED to ensure superior palm image quality in varying indoor and most outdoor environments

* Palm vein patterns are unique and life-long invariable to each person, invisible to human eyes, and formed by active blood flowing in live tissues. Its image can be captured only by special Infrared camera like AMT-PVR-10 reader which delivers highly secure anti-spoofing protection for user authentication

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