• Biometric attendance system Biometric attendance system
  • Access Control System Access Control System
  • Entrance Control System Entrance Control System
  • Security Inspection Security Inspection
  • Softwares Softwares
  • Smart Door Lock Smart Door Lock
  • Video Surveillance Video Surveillance
  • Biometric Attendance System


    Biometric Attendance System

    ​ZKTeco is the No.1 Biometric Attendance System Solution Provider in India. Biometric Attendance System offers cutting-edge solutions for efficient and secure time attendance management. Our advanced biometric technologies, including fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and iris scanning, accurately authenticate individuals, ensuring precise tracking of employee attendance and work hours. ZKTeco Biometric Attendance Systems streamline workforce management, improve payroll accuracy, and boost operational efficiency. Scalable and customizable to meet the unique needs of various organizations.

  • Access Control System


    Access Control System

    Access Control Systems play a crucial role in securing Business from unauthorized access or external intrusions and permits only those who are permitted with official authorization. The access control systems not only enable the entry or exit of users but also monitor and record respective individuals in real-time, which makes track recoding a lot easier, access Control Systems can be used to limit access to sensitive data rooms, server rooms, critical workplaces, laboratories containing high-end equipment as well as entry doors.

  • Entrance Control System


    Entrance Control System

    ZKTeco provides effective entrance control management for regulating people traffic as well as vehicle control with wide range of systems including Tripod Turnstiles, Swing Barriers, Flap Barrier Gates, Full Height Turnstiles for Pedestrian Entrance Control as well as Boom Barriers, Parking Management System, Automatic Car Parking System, Parking Locks, and other Automated Parking System for effortless Vehicle Entrance Control Management. These solutions are designed to work in different environments and suitable for various verticals.

  • Security Inspection


    Security Inspection

    ZKTeco offers dependable and flexible products for Security Check ranging from Metal Detectors including X-Ray Baggage Scanner, Hand Held Metal Detector, Walk Through Metal Detector, otherwise known as Door Frame Metal Detector.

  • Softwares



    ZKTeco Time Attendance Software is a powerful workforce management solution that simplifies attendance tracking, automates calculations, and provides valuable insights. With its comprehensive features, integration capabilities, and user-friendly interface, this software enhances efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in managing employee attendance.​

  • Smart Door Lock


    Smart Door Lock

    ZKTeco’s Wireless Smart Door Lock System includes Fingerprint Locks, Electronic Door Locks, Smart Lock for Homes, Password Door Lock, RFID Lock, Bluetooth Lock as well as Face Recognition Door Lock. These locks are compatible with professional ZK hotel management software for hassle free hotel lock administration along with mobile app. The locks are made up of high-quality materials for a long-term usage and stylish designs of the locks perfectly matches your interior.

  • Video Surveillance


    Video Surveillance

    ZKTeco CCTV & Video Surveillance products focuses on providing economic, competitive and featured security cameras in order to universally popularize security cameras together with ZKTeco devices. For the entry-level users, Analog HD cameras and NVR are the perfect choices: up to 2 megapixel along with 4 in 1 compatible format (AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS).

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ZKTeco PAN India Coverage
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