Face Attendance | Face Recognition Attendance

Face Recognition Attendance

A facial recognition attendance system uses facial recognition technology to detect and verify a person utilizing the person's facial characteristics and automatically mark attendance, The software can be used for several groups of people such as workers, students, etc. The system accounts and stores the data in real-time.

Face recognition systems use computer algorithms to select particular, unique features about a person’s face. These features, such as distance between the eyes or structure of the chin, are converted into a mathematical interpretation and matched to data on other faces stored in a face recognition database. The data about a specific face is frequently called as face template and is different from a photo because it’s created to only include certain features that can be applied to differentiate one face from another 

The facial recognition Technology built by ZKTeco can scan not just faces, but also detect body temperature. It reveals if an individual has higher than normal body temperature, it also identifies if an individual being scanned is wearing a mask or not. Since the system is capable of integration with access & entrance control like doors and turnstiles, it can make sure that hygienic best practices are followed in your organization. All these, with no manual involvement.

ZKTeco Face attendance system run as an AI-powered Face recognition time attendance system, which offers virtually 100% precise attendance. facial recognition features screen for Face mask, identify people with any change of facial characteristics like specs, beard, etc.