C2 260 Mini Access Control Panel | Door Access Control System
C2-260 - Mini Access Controller
  • C2-260 - Mini Access Controller
  • C2-260 - Mini Access Controller
  • C2-260 - Mini Access Controller

C2-260 - Mini Access Controller

C2-260 is a newly released Mini IP-Based two-door Control Panel with advanced access control functions. The panel can be easily installed on your LAN or WAN network with secure communication over TCP/IP as well as supports RS485 devices such as DM10, AUX485 and WR485 through RS485 communication. The device is compatible with the web-based software, ZKBioAccess for hassle-free access control management. C2-260 can control two doors by default and it can be extended to 10 doors with the combination of eight DM10 door lock extension panels.

Portable Design & Easy Installation
Supports TCP/IP & RS485 Communication
Compatible with ZKBioAccess Web-Based Software
Controls up to 10 doors in combination with DM10s
Advanced Access Control Functions
Manage Additional Accessories


Model C2-260
Number of Doors Supported by Default 2
Number of Auxiliary Inputs 2
Number of Auxiliary Outputs 2
RS485 Extension Port 1
RS485 Reader Port 1
Number of Readers Supported 4
Types of Readers Supported RS485 card reader, Wiegand reader (WR485)
DM10 (Single-Door Extension Board) (Optional) Max. 8
AUX485 (RS485-4 Aux. IN Converter) (Optional) 2
WR485 (RS485-Weigand Converter) (Optional) 4
Card Capacity 30,000
Log Capacity 200,000
Communication TCP/IP, RS485
CPU 32-bit 1.0GHz
Power 9.6V - 14.4V DC
Dimensions (L*W*H)  116.47*96.49*31.40 mm
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C / 14°F to 122°F
Operating Humidity 20% to 80%


C2-260 User Manual

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C2-260 User Manual


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