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Industry Description

Industry Description

ZK Parking Management Features:

Scalability to a large parking area
Efficient vehicle management via ZKBioSecurity 
Automatic recognition of vehicle identity
Multi-location & device accessibility
Enables rapid vehicle access to parking
Offers trouble-free parking experience to the users
Equipped with advanced parking modules & latest technologies
Real-time monitoring & visibility of parking area
Enhanced security & fool proof mechanisms for fraudulent activities    

Description :

With the rapid development of the global economy and the consistently improving living standard, there has been a growing number of vehicles. for efficient vehicle management, there has been an increasing number of parking lots and vehicle management areas beginning to use License Plate Recognition (LPR) products and Ultra-high Frequency (UHF) products. The automatic license plate identification enables fast vehicle access to parking, which provides convenient user experience.

Automatic Vehicle Recognition (With UHF Reader and UHF Tag)

The Ultra-high Frequency (UHF) Reader incorporated in parking lot automatically spots UHF tag embedded in vehicles and communicates with parking barrier to enable access upon valid recognition. In the absence of appropriate UHF tag, the access will be denied, preventing any unauthorized entry into parking area or organizational premises.

Automatic Number Plates Verification (With LPR Camera)

The License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera driven by Computer Video Image Recognition Technology automatically scans for license plate details on vehicles such as number, color, etc and upon successful verification with the existing database, parking barrier will lift up providing access to the vehicles, otherwise, the access will be denied.

Dual Number Plate Authentication

(UHF and LPR Based Two Level Authentication System for Vehicles)
Dual Number Plate Authentication utilizes the concepts of both UHF & LPR Identification Technologies for enhanced security and act as a fool proof mechanism against fraudulent activities. The UHF reader and LPR camera located at the entrance of parking barrier scans for valid UHF tag as well as Number Plate respectively and only with the successful verification of both factors, the access will be provided otherwise the access will be declined.

Blacklist and Whitelist Management

ZKBioSecurity software makes vehicle management a lot easier. The Whitelist function enables pre-registration of vehicles such as ambulance, police cars and fire-trucks for rapid and uninterrupted entry into the respective areas. On the other hand, blacklisted vehicles will be exempted from gaining access.


There are two variants in UHF Tag Reading.

UHF Reader

The UHF Reader is based on the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with long-range proximity identification up to 12m and can simultaneously scan for multiple passive UHF tags. It consists of waterproof body and suitable for wide range of RFID based applications such as transport management, vehicle management, car parking, production process control, and access control.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera

LPR Camera is a high-performance video camera based on computer video image recognition technology for precise verification of license plate via license plate crawling, image pre-processing, feature extraction, license plate character recognition to identify the license plate number, color and other information.

Real Time Monitoring

The parking system offers real-time visibility of parking facilities such as video images and check in/check out activities of vehicles from all parking lots via ZKBioSecurity software by administrator from monitoring room.

Smart Parking Lock:

Plock 2 terminals in parking slots allows only specific and authorized vehicles to be parked in respective parking slots. The curved arm of Plock 2 device automictically rotate back and forth when the parking lock receives signals from sensor embedded in vehicles.    

Control Panels for Parking Management and ZKBioSecurity 

The parking modules such as UHF Reader, LPR Camera, Boom Barrier, etc can be connected to ZK Access Control Panel for synchronized operation of various function involved in parking facilities. Furthermore, ZKBioSecurity software can be linked to control panels and other terminals for convenient parking management enabling users to add, modify and retrieve data involved in parking activities via ZKBioSecurity user portal. 

ZKBioSecurity Software Features for Parking Management

User friendly software interface 
Real-time monitoring
Blacklist & whitelist management
Role & shift management
Parking area linkage & control
Statistical analysis & report generation
Finance management parking transaction 

ZKBioSecurity Parking Management System

ZKBioSecurity Parking Management System