Rajasthan Seminar, 2017

Rajasthan Seminar, 2017 was held perfectly by ZKTeco India on 12th May 2017, Jaipur.

The subject of Rajasthan Seminar is Innovation. This is one of Seminar hold in India 2017.


This meeting shows the products including Green Label, CCTV, Entrance control products and BioSecurity 3.0 Software. Indicating we are no longer traditional, single enterprise. Tradition industrial integrated with biometric technology, hardware combines with software. People are attracted by ZKTeco’s innovation. They are interested in these products with the new innovation. And discuss the entrance control product for the License Plate Recognition.

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ZKTeco will pay more attention to the Security entrance control by opening seminar, advertising and giving exhibition etc. And also ZKTeco will enhance the whole serve levels for client including technique support, product training, logistics service and after sales service. Besides we put the quality of products at the first place. CEO Mr. Allen emphasize the quality of products is an important factor which making company successful.

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